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Embracing the new and old school


“It is possible that we who are are gathered here, do not possess all knowledge, all wisdom. Indeed it is my last and only hope that somewhere in this unbounded realm there is a being wiser than we are. Who can get us help and advice, of course this is no more than a possibility.…
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The Chakalakerz’ Sabie Tour

Here’s a little clip from our May 2024 appearance in Sabie. As awful as the sound is on this video, that’s how amazing it was on stage. The kickdrum went right through us!

Collective Soul Here to Eternity Review

Upon first listen, I wasn’t impressed. I was looking for a strong start and a statement of intent. As someone that listened to them in the mid 90s and play their songs to this day, I was there when they released their second album and they set a standard and offered something no one else…
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Chakalakerz Acoustic Recording Session

This recording is from a marathon recording session Jon and I had recently. We laid down rhythm tracks for four songs and had a first go at vocal performances as well. This song is screaming for drums and I’m amazed at how well the chorus melody came out. That was written by Jon on the…
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The Chakalakerz Chapter

Super busy lately with writing and performing in the Chakalakerz. Here’s from a recent gig we did:

Sandra Sexton Gospel Track

Sandra came in with a vocal and lyrical idea and I had to put it to music. Always fun doing projects like this especially when I get to have a load of creative freedom. I listened to quite a lot of gospel prior to writing this but ended up writing something a bit more unusual.…
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Afropop – 4 Feb 2023

Had a dope recording session with J Da Son and Big Jay. Can’t wait to share the afro pop song ‘Sponolo’ with the world once we’re ready.

November and December 2022 in review

I’ve been really crappy on my socials the last two months and the reason for that is two-fold. Firstly, I was having too much fun to think about socials and secondly, my actual money spinners were taking over. Jon Delinger & The Chakalakerz What have I been up to? Firstly, I’m now a full fledged…
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Oct 2022 in review

Its been a helluva month. Work on my EP continued and writing this now in early Nov, I’m wrapping up final mixing and mastering. I hope to hit the streaming stores in the next 5 weeks. With this release a huge goal is to achieve an overall loudness with drum transients in place. Sounds easy…
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June 2022 in review

I didn’t post much the last month but a lot happened! For one, the Three Bad Wolves track was released on 16 June and I also completed a yet to be named and released track for the Bloodworks and Linda Zwane crew. Then there was a Johnny Clegg tribute project for the corporate I consult…
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