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Making music happen

Crimson Eyes – Jon Delinger & The Chakalakerz

Recorded and Mixed by Michael Naranjo
In March 2024 the Lab has signed a deal with the amazing Michael Naranjo to be our dedicated mixer. The only professional record producer on our roster, Michael is an honorary Chakalakerz as has performed with Jon Delinger for more than 14 years.

EmDm – Shamantra

Written, performed, recorded, mixed and mastered by EmDm

Recorded, mixed and mastered.

Released 1 Nov 2023.

No Goodbye

Life, Death & Robots EP

“I’m not trying to save you

I can hardly save myself”


No Goodbye
Life, Death & Robots EP

“Your ghost is my constant companion. Together we’re swimming back to the ocean.”


Released – Feb 7, 2023

Molding Myself – Electro Soul

Molding Myself

“Slowly, slowly I’m unfolding”

Linda Lee Zwane

Songwriting collab with Linda Lee Zwane. I wrote the song around vocal ideas she had.

Writing, recording, mixing and mastering – Released 17 Sep 2021

MUSIC feat RMC – Hip Hop meets rock and EDM

First collaboration with the fellas of Richminds Consortium. We took it all the way to the streets and a camera to do a video in my hometown.

Writing, recording, mixing and mastering – Released 15 Aug 2019